Club History

Established in 1947 by Wilfrid Denaro (below), The Fowey Gallants aimed to encourage youngsters of both sexes to sail. It proved very successful and many youngsters sailed with him on his yacht the Gallant.

Wilfred Denaro

In September 1972, the Fowey Gallants Sailing Club was formed through a merger between the Fowey Gallants and Fowey Sailing Club. At that time things were very different from the club we know now. For instance, although liquor had been available at club functions, a bar was not fully established until 1973 and then it was run by volunteer members. Downstairs was still a boat store with a slipway to the river, and, for many years, boats were built there during the winter months and included Mirror dinghy kits for club use.

Sailing 1955