The Troys

The Troy Class – a short history

Troys are a major part of the sailing heritage of Fowey. Designed in the 1920s by the late Archie Watty specifically for racing in Fowey harbour, and named after Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch’s Fowey-based ‘Troy Town’ novels, these 18ft wooden day boats have tall rigs intended to catch the wind from the surrounding hills – which makes for exciting racing whenever there is a fresh breeze!

The first two boats were launched in 1929 and by 1939 eleven boats had been built. The Troy Owners Association had been formed, and the Troys were racing in their own class. Of the 28 boats built since 1929, 23 survive in racing condition and most of these can be expected to compete during Regatta. The class has experienced a recent upsurge in popularity and six new boats have been built since 2004. Class rules prescribe that Troys must be built on the Fowey estuary, and following tradition they are named after gemstones.

Troys race every Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon during the season, and twice daily during Regatta; outside the harbour in the mornings and inside the harbour in the afternoons. There are plenty of vantage points, within the town and on the coastal walks on both sides of the harbour, from which to enjoy the racing.


1 JOCELYN                                     DAVID KING
3 JANET                                          MARCUS LEWIS

4 SHIMMER                                   DAVID IBBOTSON

5 AMETHYST                                 BUZ BARCLAY

6 RUBY                                            DAVID AND ANNETTE COX

7 SAPPHIRE                                   ANGUS AND KATHERINE ALEXANDER

9 MAID OF FOYE                          ALLEN TOMS

10 OPAL                                           MARTYN CROWLE

11 JADE                                            ANGUS CRICHTON

13 AMBER                                       CHRIS OGG

14 CRYSTAL                                    JOHN CHAMBERS

15 BLACK DIAMOND                    ROBERT BENTON

16 AQUAMARINE                          IAN MADGWICK

17 PEARL                                          ROBERT AND TOM OWEN

18 ZIRCON                                       DAVE BARNETT

19 TOPAZ                                          DICK DOIDGE-HARRISON


21 BRILLIANT                                 KIM FURNISS

22 GOLD                                           KAREN TOMS

23 JET                                               PAT COOKE

24 IOLITE                                        ALAN HARRIS AND DALE WILLIAMS

25 GEM                                             GRAHAM COUSINS

26 MOONSTONE                            ALLEN TOMS

27 BLACK PEARL                           ALLEN TOMS

28 RED BERYL                                ROBERT DAVIS